It was 85 degrees in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, but thousands skipped a trip to the beach or the mountains and instead dragged themselves along a mile-long route to listen to a few celebrity pseudo-scientists and activists drone on about climate change.


The “March for Science” crowd brought along numerous signs, props, and costumes to walk through downtown L.A. toward City Hall and gathered for speeches by celebrity seismologist Lucy Jones and billionaire environmentalist activist Tom Steyer. But to some marchers the agenda for the march wasn’t entirely clear – except for being against President Donald Trump.

Asked why she was marching, Claudia Kries of San Pedro told the Los Angeles Times, “Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve been at every march since Trump got elected. It’s how I stay sane.”


While some marchers expressed their concern about climate change and how Trump is shifting U.S. policies both domestically and internationally, it’s apparent that many attendees are vehemently anti-Trump, and not just on environmental issues.


Jeniffer Hernandez, a professor and immunologist at the Keck Graduate Institute School of Pharmacy in Claremont, said she felt attacked by Trump: because her parents are immigrants from Mexico, because of Trump’s comments about assaulting women and because her research lab is funded in part by federal grants.


“I’m outraged. I’m upset,” she told the Times. “We need to be out here.”

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