Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton barnstormed the country on election eve Monday to deliver their respective closing arguments before the raucous 2016 presidential race goes to the voters, with Trump vowing to make America safe and prosperous again and Clinton vowing to unite a divided nation.


“Anger is not a plan,” the Democratic presidential nominee said in Pittsburgh, Pa.


As Clinton blasted what she called her opponent’s “divisive vision” for America, Trump blamed her and her husband’s policies for manufacturing job losses and vowed a change if he’s elected.


“We are going to bring back jobs that have been stolen from you. We’re going to bring back wealth taken from this country,” Trump, the Republican nominee, said in battleground state North Carolina, the second of his five stops Monday.


Trump began his day in Florida before heading to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan.


The race remains tight hours before voting gets underway. The latest Fox News Electoral Scorecard shows Trump’s prospects improving in four key states — Arizona, Iowa, Utah and North Carolina – though Clinton still has the advantage on the electoral map.

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