President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday that the Chinese “haven’t played by the rules, and they know it’s time that they’re going to start” as his victory tour of states that helped him win the presidency made its way to Iowa.


 Trump accused Beijing of “massive theft of intellectual property” and of levying “unfair taxes on our companies,” as well as “not helping with the menace of North Korea like they should.”

“Other than that, they have been wonderful, right?” Trump asked rhetorically, to laughter from the Des Moines crowd.


Trump also brought Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad onstage and praised his pick to be the next ambassador to China, saying Branstad “knew how to get things done” and would improve “one of the most important relationships we have.”


Trump cited Branstad’s friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and vowed there would be “mutual respect” between Washington and Beijing.


“We’re going to have mutual respect, and China is going to benefit and we’re going to benefit,” Trump said. “And Terry is going to lead the way.”


Earlier Thursday, Trump flew to Columbus, Ohio to meet with several victims of the Nov. 28 terror attack at Ohio State University. Investigators say student Abdul Ali Razak Artan, 18, first rammed a campus crowd with his car before getting out with a knife and stabbing students before being fatally shot by police.

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