The Trump administration is facing a fresh wave of federal lawsuits in the wake of its controversial executive order on immigration – with challenges emerging so far from civil rights groups, Muslims barred from entering the U.S., and a state attorney general.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Monday afternoon became the first state official to sue the president over the issue.


“We are a country based on the rule of law,” Ferguson, a Democrat, said at a news conference in Seattle. “In a courtroom, it is not the loudest voice that prevails. It’s the Constitution.”


The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order blocking Trump’s executive order.


Ferguson was among 16 state attorneys general who released a statement Sunday calling the president’s immigration order “un-American and unlawful.”


His lawsuit, along with several others, signal a protracted legal fight ahead over Friday’s executive order, by far the most controversial measure President Trump has signed since taking office. As the White House voices confidence the measure will be upheld, critics are citing anti-discrimination laws and the Constitution in challenging the order.


The order signed Friday specifically suspends the refugee program for 120 days and suspends entry to the U.S. for travelers from seven terror hotspots (which also are Muslim-majority countries) for 90 days.

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