Twitter Blocks Girl with Down Syndrome for Posting ‘Pro-Life Pictures’

Charlotte “Charlie” Fien, a British pro-life activist with Down syndrome, was reportedly blocked by Twitter for 24 hours this week after posting pro-life materials.

The 22-year-old English girl with just under 2,000 followers was up in arms over Twitter’s heavy-handed move, especially since the social media giant routinely allows pro-abortion users to post anything they want without censorship.

“Funny how Twitter allows willy pics and boobs,” she cracked. “Funny how Twitter allows paedophiles and other scum. Funny how Twitter doesn’t like my Pro Life pics and blocks them.”

Having dedicated her life to promoting of the rights of people with disabilities and the right to life of the unborn, Charlie addressed the United Nations in March 2017 on these very issues, after which she received a five-minute standing ovation.


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