How Auburn quickly — and quietly — landed 5-star LB Owen Pappoe over Georgia


ATLANTA — It’s hard for a prospect of 5-star linebacker Owen Pappoe‘s status to keep a low profile.

After he made his college decision Tuesday, “Auburn” and “Owen Pappoe” were two of the top-5 trending Twitter topics in the Atlanta area. Since the eighth grade, he’s been one of the Class of 2019 alphas mentioned non-stop on the recruiting circuit. He accepted interview requests regularly for the last four years.

In theory, it should’ve been close to impossible for anyone to not know where Pappoe would commit. Yet he managed to keep his Auburn interest much quieter than even he could’ve expected.

“I’ll be honest, I was just trying to throw everybody off. Auburn’s been around for a long time. This is the only school I did a good job keeping them low key,” Pappoe told SEC Country. “They were one of those first schools that offered me, and ever since then, they put the full-court press on me. They just picked the heat up a lot back last July.”

Pappoe and Auburn linebacker coach Travis Williams have had a strong relationship for a long time.

Auburn has been a school involved since the eighth grade. Owen said Tuesday night the Tigers were one of the three or four schools that recruited him consistently from start to finish. Georgia was also a part of that group.


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