At Least 40 People Killed Amid Protests In Venezuela

At least 40 people are dead and 850 were detained amid anti-government protests in Venezuela.

The United Nations released the findings Tuesday saying 26 people were fatally shot by government forces and 11 people were killed in connection with looting.

Another 5 people were reportedly killed in house raids.

This report comes just one day after the White House announced sanctions targeting Nicolas Maduro and the state-owned oil company, PDVSA.

The sanctions were declared to incentivize Maduro to step aside since opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president last week.

National Security Adviser John Bolton clarified during a press briefing Monday “all options are on the table” regarding a U.S. response to the humanitarian disaster.

Pictures surfaced shortly after the press briefing of Bolton’s note pad, which read “5,000 troops to Columbia.”

It is unclear whether or not the U.S. has decided to deploy American forces to Venezuela’s neighbor.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo previously said the U.S. would provide 20 million dollars in aid to Venezuela as its citizens continue to suffer food and medicine shortages.

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