Expert: Cost Of Shutdown Could Exceed Cost Of Border Wall

As the longest government shutdown continues into day 32, the cost of the shutdown could exceed the $5.7 billion border security package President Trump is requesting.

S&P Global economist, Beth Ann Bovino, weighed in this week suggesting if the government does not open by the end of this week the economy will have endured around $6 billion worth of damage.

Bovino continued by writing collateral damage will spike as the partial government shutdown continues.

The economist also noted the “GDP will be lower since no ‘product’ was created.”

Bovino’s remarks come after President Trump has made repeated attempts to entice Democrats to continue border security negotiations.

Just last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to travel to Brussels, Afghanistan, and Egypt during a congressional delegation trip.

President Trump grounded the military aircraft previously scheduled for the trip in hopes of continuing negotiations.

Despite the executive push, Pelosi refused.

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