House Dems Reject Three Bipartisan Bills Which Would Pay Federal Workers During Shutdown

House Democrats voted against a measure to pay federal employees, while keeping the government closed, three times already just this month.

The third vote happened Thursday, and the second vote against the bipartisan measure happened Wednesday afternoon through a ‘motion to recommit,’ according to Texas lawmaker Dan Crenshaw.

Only 10 Democrats crossed party lines to end the government shutdown in the second vote, and only six Democrats voted with the House GOP during the first vote earlier this month.

Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise offered his take on the resistance saying, “This is not the first, but the second time in the last week that Democrats have voted against paying our federal workers while we continue negotiating to secure our border and reopen the government.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also weighed in saying, “we are working to get federal employees paid and give Democrats time to negotiate an end to the shutdown.”

Despite his remarks, the majority of House Democrats have refused to vote for the measure.

This comes as two competing bills failed to advance in the Senate on Thursday, which would have reopened the government.

The partial government shutdown has been ongoing for 34 full days, as furloughed federal workers are set to miss their second paycheck Friday.

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