ICE Arrests Over 100 People In Five-Day Window This Month

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have arrested 118 people within a five-day window who have not complied with U.S. immigration law.

ICE released the report Tuesday saying the arrests took place between January 14th to January 18th in New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley.

According to the report, 107 of those arrested were criminals or had been facing criminal charges.

Over 55 of those arrested were either already supposed to have left the U.S. and refused to comply, or were deported and came back to the U.S. anyway.

Those arrested were from around the globe including Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Israel, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Jamaica.

A number of those taken into custody had felonies on their record including child sex crimes, weapons charges, and assault charges.   

The arrests come as President Trump pushes for tighter border security and wall funding while Congress faces a February 15 deadline to construct a deal.

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