Influx Of Sick Migrants Strains Border Patrol Resources

Border Patrol agents have seen a significant spike in the number of sick migrants apprehended at the border, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The DHS released the information last week, which claims over 2,200 migrants have been sent to hospitals for medical treatment just in the last month.

The report also said border agents have spent almost 20,000 hours transporting migrants to and from medical centers.

As a result, the report clarifies resources have had to be redirected to ensure asylum seekers are receiving adequate medical attention when they cannot be treated on site.

The findings went on to say 50 migrants needed to be transported to a medical center just on January 15, which virtually required all border agents who were working at the time.

The spike in medical emergencies has led to less border agents being able to focus on other threats at the border including illegal crossings.

A migrant with a flesh-eating bacterium was apprehended at the border near Lordsburg, New Mexico, just last week.

The area reportedly has dealt with a scabies outbreak, contributing to the influx of migrants needing extensive medical attention.

Scabies can be transferred from person to person through skin to skin contact and is commonly recognized as a rash and/or itching.

The report outlined an alarming number of drug interceptions as well.

On January 16, 265 pounds of Marijuana was apprehended, along with over 700 pounds of cocaine on January 17.

On January 18 alone, over 1,000 pounds of Marijuana was intercepted.

President Trump signed a bill late last week which temporarily re-opened the government as Congress continues border security negotiations.

Capitol Hill faces a February 15 deadline to meet President Trump’s demands, or he has specified he could declare a national emergency to fund the wall.

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