Life-Threatening Cold Air Mass Strikes Midwest, Northeast

A life-threatening air mass strikes the Midwest and Northeast this week bringing possibly historically low temperatures with it.

The Chicago area is expected to have wind gusts of up to 30 mph, which will feel like 50 below zero possibly Tuesday and Wednesday.

Experts say these temperatures could be the coldest since 1966 and can be attributed to the polar vortex, which is a cold air pocket near the North Pole.

The vortex can be pushed into southern portions of the globe when Arctic temperatures spike.

For 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday, temperatures are expected to be between 20 and 40 degrees below zero across the Midwest and Great Lakes.

Experts have warned the snow will make it nearly impossible to travel in the region.

Reports claim around three-fourths of the nation will experience below freezing weather this week.

Over 3,400 flights previously scheduled between Monday and Wednesday have already been cancelled across the country.

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