POTUS: Emergency Declaration Likely If Congress Won’t Reach Fair Deal by Feb. 15

President Trump declares an end to the partial government shutdown, and says the bill, which he plans to sign, will be considered on the Senate floor immediately.

The president made the announcement from the Rose Garden Friday saying he will sign legislation to open the government until February 15.

President Trump continued by thanking furloughed federal workers and telling them they will receive backpay quickly and as soon as possible.

There will also be a bipartisan committee of lawmakers who will review requests of the Department of Homeland Security as they begin efforts to reach comprehensive immigration reform.

President Trump clarified he has a powerful alternative to gaining border security funding likely referring to an emergency declaration.

The president went on emphasizing the significance of immigration reform as it relates to national security.  

President Trump hopes to sign the bipartisan bill in the next 21 days.

The commander in chief finished by saying if Congress fails to reach a fair deal regarding border wall funding, he would consider declaring a national emergency.

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