President Trump Expected to Declare National Emergency If No Border Deal Is Reached

President Trump says he has the “absolute right to declare a national emergency” to fund border security if Democrats refuse to cooperate.

The president made the remarks to reporters on Thursday before leaving for McAllen, Texas, to hold a roundtable on immigration.

President Trump said if no deal is reached with Democrats he would be able to fund the wall through “various mechanisms.”

His remarks come just one day after he held a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer which, according to President Trump’s tweet, was a waste of his time.

The White House is requesting a $5.7 billion border security package, which the administration has clarified will be used for enhanced technology and additional border agents in addition to wall construction.

Around one-third of the border already has some type of barrier, and GOP lawmakers have made it clear additional construction will only be implemented where it is necessary.

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