President Trump Outlines Border Security Compromise

President Trump outlines a proposal to reopen the government offering a three-year extension to DACA recipients in exchange for border wall funding.

The president addressed the nation from the White House Saturday in a highly anticipated speech, in which he also offered protections for recipients of the Temporary Protected Status program (TPS).

President Trump has requested $5.7 billion for border wall security, but is offering $800 million for technological advancements, and 2,750 additional border agents.

The White House also offered to add 75 more immigration judges in an effort to reduce the wait time for asylum requests.

The president went on to clarify the importance of border security and suggested bipartisan immigration reform could be possible should the Democrats come back to the negotiating table.  

Despite President Trump’s willingness to compromise, various Democratic lawmakers made it clear they would not be willing to comply prior to the Saturday address.

There are currently 700,000 “Dreamers” in the United States, who were brought to the country illegally as children, and 300,000 recipients of the TPS program who would be positively impacted if the Democrats accept the president’s compromise.

The government has been partially shutdown for nearly a month now, as 800,000 federal workers are expected to miss their second paycheck early next week.

President Trump’s address comes as multiple migrant caravans head to the U.S. border as they make the trek through Central America.

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