Report: Kim Jong Un Orders Planning For Second Summit With U.S.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly wants to move forward with planning the next joint summit with President Trump.

According to North Korean state media, Kim has said he intends to “wait with patience and in good faith” in hopes of reaching further agreements with the United States.

His remarks come just days after a North Korean envoy traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The report also suggested Kim was pleased with President Trump during the meeting, saying he has “unusual determination and will for the settlement of the issue,” and has “a great interest in the second summit.”

President Trump announced last week the pair would likely meet for a second summit at the end of February, though details have not yet been released.

Some insiders have noted Vietnam could serve as a possible venue though this has not been confirmed.

President Trump met with Kim last June in Singapore for the first summit, which the president commended as a significant success since Kim signed a denuclearization commitment.

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