U.S. Backs Venezuelan Opposition Leader Amid Violent Protests

The United States recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president on Wednesday, amid a storm of violent protests in the nation’s latest fight for democracy.

The State Department also announced the U.S. will not comply with dictator Nicolas Maduro’s request for American diplomats to leave the country.

The Department released a statement saying it would not adhere to the demand because the U.S. does not recognize Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

This comes after Maduro made an announcement outside of the presidential palace Wednesday ordering U.S. diplomats to leave the country within the next 72 hours.

Meanwhile, Guaido declared himself as the interim leader the same day, assuming power from the socialist dictator.

Vice President Mike Pence had recognized the Guaido as the interim leader saying the U.S. will stand with the country until “democracy is restored.”

Pence continued by saying the dictator has no “legitimate claim to power.”

Thousands have taken to the streets this week to protest the downward, economic spiral which has struck the socialist nation.

President Trump has made it clear he will offer economic and diplomatic assistance in an effort to ensure the transition to democracy.

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