U.S., China Trade Talks Continue As March Deadline Approaches

The U.S. and China restarted trade negotiations as bilateral tension mounts over the current trade war.

Trade talks are set to take place Wednesday and Thursday in Washington, with both the Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

The negotiations come in hopes of reaching a deal agreed to by both parties before the March 2 deadline.

The U.S. has made it clear amid the ongoing dialogue it intends on protecting American intellectual property, but it is unclear if China is willing to comply with this demand.

China denies its policies reduce American intellectual property protections.

Some reports suggest the U.S. wants to ensure it can verify China will comply with whatever new policies are negotiated.

The U.S. is reportedly also focused on enhancing foreign access into the Chinese market.

President Trump is expected to spike tariffs 15% on $200 billion worth of Chinese products if officials cannot reach a deal.

The president is expected to meet with the Chinese vice premier when talks conclude sometime on Thursday.

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