WH Halts Speaker Pelosi’s Congressional Delegation Trip

President Trump halts a congressional delegation trip, urging Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to stay in Washington D.C. to resolve the ongoing, partial government shutdown.

The president sent a letter to Pelosi Thursday just before she was scheduled to depart with other lawmakers for the foreign trip.

President Trump grounded the military aircraft she was set to travel on reportedly just minutes before the departure.

The letter suggested the “excursion” was not “appropriate” since the government remains partially shutdown.

President Trump also mentioned Pelosi was expected to travel to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

The president clarified if she still wanted to embark on the trip, she was welcome to fly commercially.

This comes just about one day after Speaker Pelosi wrote the president a letter suggesting the State of the Union Address should be delayed due to the shutdown.

The State of the Union Address is still scheduled for January 29.

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