Highlights From President Trump’s SOTU 2019

President Trump delivered his State of the Union Address before lawmakers on Capitol Hill giving the third longest speech in history.

The president gave his speech Tuesday night calling for unity as bilateral tension on both sides of the political aisle continue to heat up.

He clarified he is willing to work across party lines for the American people in order to achieve breakthroughs.

The economy was a hot topic during the address as President Trump highlighted all time low unemployment across minority demographics.

He cited the jobs report for the month of January saying the U.S. added 304,000 jobs last month alone calling the American economy the “envy of the world.”

Several key issues caught the attention of the left including the First Step Act, the fight against childhood cancer, and legal immigration.

President Trump touted legal immigrants saying they enrich and strengthen our society.

Border security was mentioned during the address as well, and President Trump reiterated his hardline stance on securing our southern border.

He reminded viewers of the recent Pentagon announcement outlining a plan to deploy 3,750 more troops to the border later in February.

President Trump continued by saying the border wall is essential in aiding border agents in the fight against human trafficking and drug smuggling.

He also condemned the violence and political chaos in Venezuela reiterating the U.S. stands with the people of the socialist nation.

The president also mentioned progress with North Korea and announced the next summit with Kim Jong Un will take place in Vietnam on February 27 and February 28.

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