Mexico Increases Police Presence At The Border Amid Caravan Crisis

Mexican authorities head to the border in riot gear as migrants are being held, ultimately seeking asylum in the United States.

Police in the border town have reportedly been preparing for the caravan for days now.

Thousands of asylum-seekers fled to the U.S. border Monday, just one day before President Trump is expected to deliver the State of the Union Address.

Reports claim over 2,000 migrants arrived at the international border with more in route, between the Mexican border town Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo.

The arrival comes just one day after the Pentagon announced it will deploy over 3,700 troops to the border to reduce illegal crossings and install more technology.

International border near El Paso, Texas

Those troops will be deployed for 90 days later this month bringing the number of servicemembers to around 6,000 at the southern border.

The caravan is comprised of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

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