Pres. Trump Touts Progress Of Second Summit With North Korea Despite No Deal

President Trump walks away from the negotiating table with Chairman Kim Jong Un ending the second joint summit with no deal.

During a press conference Thursday in Hanoi, President Trump said he had to walk away because Kim was only willing to partially denuclearize, but wanted all sanctions lifted in return.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weighed in on the talks saying the pair did make progress but did not achieve the ultimate goal.

President Trump reiterated his optimism in meeting Kim in the future but could not verify when that would be.

The president clarified he remains on good terms with the dictator but there are no plans just yet for another summit.

President Trump and Chairman Kim meet in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27, 2019 for a second summit.

President Trump continued by suggesting you have to be willing to walk during any high-stakes negotiation.

Ultimately, a previously planned lunch and signing ceremony was canceled.

President Trump left Vietnam ahead of schedule after moving the press conference up following the cancellation.

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