President Trump Declares National Emergency During Rose Garden Briefing

President Trump declares a national emergency amid the growing national security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

The president made the remarks Friday from the Rose Garden, highlighting he is not the first to do so, but does anticipate backlash from the courts.

President Trump went on to reiterate his intent to curb the amount of drugs, human traffickers, and gang members flowing into the United States.  

According to the president, 70,000 Americans were killed just last year because of drugs like cocaine, fentanyl, and heroine.

President Trump said he was pleased to announce Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to place fentanyl on the list of deadly drugs, which is punishable by the death penalty.

The president went on to say there is wall construction in the works, and he hopes to secure around eight billion for continued projects.

He emphasized the effectiveness of building a wall citing El Paso and Israel as just two prime examples.

The president thanked Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his efforts in combatting the growing trend of migrant caravans traveling through Central America with the United Sates as the final destination.

President Trump finished by thanking the angel moms and families in attendance, in addition to law enforcement officers, border patrol agents, and ICE officers for their efforts in protecting all Americans.

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