President Trump ‘Not Happy’ With Proposed Border Security Deal

Congressional negotiators reached a deal on border security Monday, amid heightened bilateral tensions, in an effort to avoid another partial government shutdown.

President Trump weighed in on the border security deal saying he was ‘not happy’ with it but he is optimistic about avoiding another shutdown.

The president continued by reassuring Americans wall construction would ensue despite backlash from leftist lawmakers.

The bipartisan committee allegedly reached the agreement ‘in principle’ Monday evening during the first MAGA rally of 2019 in El Paso, Texas.

Reports surfaced suggesting the deal allocates $1.375 billion for steel slats across 55 miles along the southern border.

President Trump previously urged for $5.7 billion for wall infrastructure over a span of 200 miles.

The Rio Grande Valley is set to be the target location of the upcoming construction project.

Though there is not a specified limit on the number of migrants ICE is permitted to detain daily, Democratic lawmakers pushed for a cap of 16,500 people.

Democrats also allegedly agreed to reduce the number of funded detention beds by about 17 percent.

All seven spending bills were taken care of during the closed-door negotiations.

The deal would fund various agencies until late September, though it remains unclear if the president will sign it.

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