SCOTUS To Hear Arguments In Peace Cross Case

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments regarding a memorial from the First World War honoring dozens of American servicemembers who died in the line of duty.  

The monument is located near Bladensburg, Maryland, and has the names of 49 servicemembers lost in World War 1.

The plaintiffs allege because the memorial is a cross, it is offensive to those servicemembers who are not Christians.

The legal team has also suggested it is a violation to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

The plaintiff goal is to recreate the monument so it does not take the form of a cross, or remove it entirely.  

The defense has vocalized this is a critical case because if the Supreme Court rules the memorial has to go, other memorials across the nation will also be affected.

The monument was completed almost 100 years ago and is located near a park where servicemembers lost during numerous wars are honored and remembered.  

Ultimately, the Supreme Court will decide if the memorial can be categorized as a religious endorsement.

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