Vice President Pence: Iran Plotting ‘New Holocaust’

Vice President Mike Pence warns against Iranian aggression suggesting the Islamic Republic is plotting a ‘New Holocaust’ in eliminating Israel from the map.

Vice President Pence issued the stark warning to a number of European and Middle Eastern Nations while visiting Poland.

Pence went on to urge European allies to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal calling the nation the biggest international sponsor of terror.

The Vice President also warned against European businesses in Iran saying the transactions undermine American sanctions targeting Tehran.

Pence called it an “ill-advised step” which will only strengthen the Islamic Republic as it potentially pursues its nuclear ambitions.

Previously, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested confronting the Islamic Republic is the only avenue to achieving stability in the Middle East and around the globe.

Secretary Pompeo cited Iranian proxies Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis as the “real threats.”

The two-day conference in Poland comes just days after Iran celebrated its 40th anniversary.

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