Airlines Ground Boeing 737 Max 8 After Weekend Crash Killed All 157 People On Board

Ethiopian and Cayman Airlines ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 after one crashed in Ethiopia over the weekend killing all 157 people on board.

Both airlines decided to ground the aircraft until receiving further information from the ongoing investigation.

China also ordered all of the aircraft to be grounded citing its “zero tolerance” for safety concerns.

The crash happened Sunday shortly after taking off from the Ethiopian capital and has since prompted an investigation.

According to reports, the aircraft was experiencing technical problems as it disembarked to Nairobi.

Eight Americans, 18 Canadians, 32 Kenyans, and others from Ethiopia, China, and Italy were killed in the crash.

This is the second Boeing 737 Max 8 to crash in a period of six months, with the first crashing in the Java Sea killing all 189 people on the flight.

Southwest, American Airlines, and Norwegian Airlines are just a few of the airlines to continue flying the aircraft.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there are around 350 of the aircraft around the world.

Authorities do not believe both of the crashes are connected.

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