DNC Prohibits Fox News From Moderating Primary Debates

The Democratic National Committee prohibits Fox News from hosting debates with 2020 presidential candidates.

The DNC Chairman Tom Perez made the announcement Wednesday saying the network has an “inappropriate” relationship with President Trump.

Perez went on to say the ties between both parties lead him to believe Fox would be unable to host a neutral debate.

This announcement comes after a report surfaced earlier this week comparing Fox News to state-run television.

Fox responded to the announcement saying it hopes the DNC will reconsider citing the admirable integrity of its journalists.

President Trump has also fired back on Twitter saying he will so the same thing with the “Fake News Networks.”

The president has long criticized the media for its unfair and biased coverage as recent findings show a majority of coverage on major networks is biased against him.

The Democratic primary debates are set to begin in June.

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