Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Proposal: What You Need To Know

President Trump released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 on Monday, outlining his plan to prioritize trade and bolster national security.

The president makes it clear the defense of the United States is his highest priority, and that is why the proposal includes a 15% funding spike for the Department of Homeland Security.

Within this request, President Trump allocates $5 billion for border wall construction, and an additional $506 million to hire more border agents.

The budget also includes a nearly 8% increase in funding allocated to the DHS in discretionary funding.

The president is requesting additional funding for trade activities in order to ensure the U.S. is actively involved in fair deals.

If Capitol Hill accepts the proposal, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Veterans Affairs would see a 6% and 7.5% spike, respectively.

Under the Department of Commerce, President Trump calls for an additional $16 million to ensure the U.S. is involved in free and fair trade around the globe.

The Department of Defense will be looking at a 5% spike in funding from fiscal year 2019, if approved, in an effort to “strengthen alliances” and enhance security.

Under his proposal, American servicemembers will also receive a 3.1% pay rise, which would be the largest raise for U.S. troops in ten years.

U.S. servicemembers received a 2.6% pay raise this fiscal year, which is down .5% from fiscal year 2020.

If the proposal is accepted by Congress, the plan accounts for six weeks of paid family leave, and $140 million allocated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for HIV testing and diagnosis.  

Agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation are seeing funding cuts as the President pushes to allocate funding to enhance national security.

The Department of Justice will only see a modest 2% decrease in funding in an effort to prioritize spending that will “support public safety.”

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