House Delays Vote On Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism

The lower chamber delays a vote on a resolution condemning Anti-Semitism following recent remarks by Representative Ilhan Omar, which have spurred bipartisan uproar.

The vote will not happen until at least Thursday as leftist lawmakers rewrite the resolution to address all forms of bigotry.

The resolution was originally supposed to condemn Anti-Semitism and is now being rewritten to include all forms of prejudice.

The delay comes as lawmakers including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defend Omar following her controversial twitter remarks.

Omar is under fire for tweeting Anti-Semitic comments in recent months criticizing the Jewish State and inferring its supporters have been bought.

President Trump even weighed in on her remarks calling it a “dark day for Israel.”

Omar sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee even as Speaker Nancy Pelosi comes under fire for not removing her.

Jewish groups have sent petitions to the lower chamber requesting her removal.

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