Nancy Pelosi Says She Won’t Support Impeaching President Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announces she does not believe in exploring impeachment proceedings for President Trump saying he’s “not worth it.”

Pelosi made the remarks during an interview with The Washington Post Magazine earlier this month.

Speaker Pelosi made it clear she has not offered this clarification before, and this is the first time she has made her opinion public.

She went on to say unless there is something so “compelling” and “bipartisan” President Trump is not worth it because impeachment proceedings would only divide the country.

Her remarks come though she did clarify she does not believe President Trump is fit for office.

Pelosi’s remarks come just one week after House Democrats requested documents from over 80 people associated with the Trump campaign and White House, in an effort to expand the Russia probe as it reportedly nears its end.

The results of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe are expected in the coming weeks.

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