New Zealand Bans ‘Military-Style’ Firearms Following Horrific Mosque Attack

New Zealand bans “military-style” firearms and high capacity magazines following the gruesome mosque attack which took the lives of 50 people last week.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the announcement Thursday saying the sale ban will take effect immediately as new laws would be expedited.

Ardern said every firearm used in last week’s attack would be banned which includes semi-automatic firearms with a detachable magazine that can hold more than five rounds of ammunition.

Certain groups are exempt from this ban including law enforcement and military personnel.

The ban does not include .22 caliber semi-automatic firearms or smaller pistols that can hold up to 10 rounds.

It also does not include pump-action shotguns or semi-automatic guns without detachable magazines holding up to five rounds of ammunition.

Out of the entire population of New Zealand, made up of five million people, only a quarter of a million are licensed gun owners.

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