Pompeo Hopes To Send Delegation To North Korea In Coming Weeks

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voices his optimism in continuing denuclearization talks with North Korea just days after the second summit.

Pompeo made the remarks Monday saying he is hopeful the U.S. will send a delegation to the DPRK in the next couple of weeks.

The secretary of state went on to say though there is no concrete plan just yet, he continues to pinpoint “places where there’s a shared interest” to continue negotiations.

Pompeo went on to say the U.S. is continuing to reassure Chairman Kim surrendering his nuclear arsenal will not have an adverse effect on the security of North Korea.

His remarks come just days after the U.S. announced it will end large scale military drills held during the spring with South Korea.

President Trump weighed in on the second summit last week in Hanoi, Vietnam, saying Kim Jong Un wanted all sanctions lifted in exchange for only partial denuclearization.

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