POTUS Signs Executive Order Overturning Requirement On Air Strike Reports

President Trump overturns a three-year requirement to report non-military air strikes and casualty estimates mainly in the Middle East.

The president signed the executive order Wednesday, which will no longer require the Central Intelligence Agency to publish an unclassified report each year detailing strikes outside of certain areas.

Previously, the director of national intelligence was mandated to disclose air strikes in countries like Yemen and Pakistan every year by May 1.

The executive order will also no longer require casualty estimates associated with those air strikes, though this mainly affects the CIA.

Department of Defense officials will still be required to release information regarding most military strikes in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though some see the move as less accountability for the CIA, some think it may be beneficial in enhancing counterterrorism missions.

Some U.S. officials also believe the requirement is redundant, thus unnecessary.

Back in 2016, former President Obama signed an executive order requiring military and non-military air strikes to be disclosed in places like Libya and Somalia.

CIA drone activity was diverted more toward military operations during Obama’s era, but is now reportedly active again in places like Syria and Pakistan.

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