Pres. Trump May Close Southern Border Next Week Amid Caravan Crisis

President Trump says he will close the southern border if Mexico does not take action to stop the migrant caravans making their way toward the United States.

The president made the remarks on Twitter Friday saying if Mexico does not “immediately stop ALL illegal immigration” he will move forward with closing the border next week.

President Trump went on to blame the Democrats for weak immigration laws while calling on Congress to fix them.  

The president went on to say Mexico has sufficient resources to stop the influx of illegal immigration but has not used them to do so in the past.

His remarks come just days after Mexico warned the U.S. there may be a caravan currently forming, with an unprecedented number of people, preparing to travel to the southern border from Honduras.

According to Mexico’s interior secretary, the caravan could be comprised of more than 20,000 migrants.

Some reports have coined the group the “mother of all caravans” which is reportedly forming with migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

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