Report: Last ISIS Stronghold Destroyed

The ISIS caliphate across the Middle East has officially been destroyed, according to a Fox News report.

Reports surfaced Thursday suggesting the last major offensive in the city of Baghouz, Syria, has destroyed the last of the remaining caliphate in the country.

According to that report, U.S. backed forces have been pushing against the insurgency from three different directions toward the Euphrates River.

Around 60,000 ISIS fighters have fled to the desert since January, and many are now in prisoner camps.  

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces have made it clear they would appreciate American support in prosecuting the militants.

Certain reports suggest the U.S. may leave around 1,000 troops to aid the SDF forces in to ensure the caliphate does not reemerge.

Though there has not been an official announcement yet, it is likely President Trump will announce the news soon.

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