Sen. Rand Paul To Vote For Resolution Blocking National Emergency Declaration

Senator Rand Paul is expected to vote for a resolution halting the president’s national emergency declaration to secure funding for border wall construction.

Senator Paul made the remarks over the weekend saying he could not support President Trump’s decision because the border wall funding was not appropriated by Congress.

He went on to suggest checks and balances within government are important and believes supporting President Trump’s decision is giving him extra-constitutional powers.

Paul’s remarks come just days after the lower chamber advanced the resolution in a 245 to 182 vote.

Three GOP lawmakers have already said they would vote in favor of the measure, including Susan Collins of Maine, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

President Trump declared a national emergency last month to secure funding for border wall construction.

The president will now have access to around $8 billion to build a barrier at the southern border.

The upper chamber is set to vote on the resolution blocking the declaration before the next recess March 15.

President Trump has clarified if the resolution reaches his desk after passing the upper chamber, he will use the first veto of his presidency.

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