AG Barr Defends Mueller Report Redaction Process

Attorney General William Barr speaks on his handling of the Mueller report, emphasizing the importance of redactions as many demand its full, unredacted release.

Barr made the remarks on Thursday, saying the document contains grand jury material which is why it can’t be made available immediately to the public.

The attorney general also went on to defend his decision to release a summary of the report late last month emphasizing there was no Russian collusion.

According to Barr, it was not in the public interest to release portions of the report gradually, which is why he outlined its “principle conclusions” in a four-page summary for the public.

An official at the Justice Department also said even the Mueller report summaries contained grand jury material posing another challenge in releasing anything immediately.

His statement comes just one day after House Democrats authorized subpoenas to gain access to the entire unredacted version of the report.

Barr is expected to release the full redacted report sometime this month.


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