Israeli PM Likely To Secure 5th Term Following Parliamentary Elections

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to serve a fifth term in office after his Likud party and other right-wing parties appeared to secure a majority in parliament.

Nearly all votes were counted as of early Wednesday indicating the Likud and its allies held 65 seats in the national legislature.

Netanyahu weighed in on the likely victory thanking the Israeli citizens and assuring them he will begin forming a coalition immediately.

The prime minister went on to clarify to his skeptics though the government will be right-wing, he will represent all Israeli citizens.

Local reports suggested Netanyahu will form coalitions with the ultra-Orthodox and other right-wing parties to secure the likely 65 seats.

The Blue and White Party, led his centrist opponent Benny Gantz, secured 35 seats as well, though this does not account for its likely coalition partners.

If the usual Arab parties and other centrist groups aligned with Gantz, the bloc would likely only secure 55 seats out of the 120 in the Knesset.

If Netanyahu secures the likely fifth term, he will be on track to surpass the nation’s longest leader- its founder David Ben-Gurion.

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