Job Gains Spike 196,000 For March, Above Expectations

Nonfarm payrolls spiked 196,000 during March, while the unemployment rate held at a low 3.8% meeting experts’ predictions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the findings Friday which depict the job rebound as over 20,000 higher than experts predicted.

Wage gains saw a conservative increase at 0.14% with the figure falling a shy 0.2% of February numbers for the year over year measure.

The job rebound comes weeks after February numbers were released, showing payroll gains at a slim and revised 33,000.

There were 49,000 people added to the health care labor force, and another 34,000 to the professional and technical services last month.

Since President Trump took office, there have been over 5.3 million jobs added to the American workforce.

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