POTUS: No Money Was Paid To North Korea To Secure Release Of Late Otto Warmbier

President Trump confirms there was no money paid to North Korea in exchange for the release of the late hostage, Otto Warmbier.

The president took to twitter Friday saying, “No money was paid to North Korea for Otto Warmbier, not Two Million Dollars, not anything else.”

President Trump continued by slamming the Obama administration for reportedly paying $1.8 billion to Iran in exchange for four hostages back in 2016.

The president also blasted Obama for bringing home Bowe Bergdahl who was an Army sergeant held by the Taliban for years after he deserted his post leading to the injuries of other servicemembers.

Former President Obama brought Bergdahl home in exchange for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners.  

President Trump’s remarks come after reports surfaced Thursday suggesting the U.S. signed an agreement to pay a two million-dollar medical bill but did not follow through with the agreement.

Warmbier was arrested in North Korea back in 2016 after reportedly stealing a propaganda poster and was held for 17 months.

The rogue regime denies Warmbier was tortured during the time he was held although he died about a week after his comatose body returned to the United States.

Warmbier’s parents sued North Korea and were awarded over $500 million although it is unlikely the country will pay up.

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