POTUS: Sending Armed U.S. Troops To Border Following Standoff With Mexican Soldiers

President Trump issues a stark warning to Mexico less than two weeks after a reported standoff took place between American and Mexican troops at the border.

The president issued the warning on twitter Wednesday saying the incident “better not happen again” after Mexican soldiers reportedly pointed weapons at American National Guard members on April 13.

President Trump suggested the incident was “probably a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border” and plans to send armed servicemembers to the southern border.

He went on to urge the Mexican government for more involvement in halting illegal immigration as additional caravans travel through the region with the ultimate goal of arriving in the United States.

Mexican military officials reportedly questioned American servicemembers near Clint, Texas, just south of the border wall and north of the actual physical border earlier this month.

Reports claim the Mexican military personnel pointed weapons at American servicemembers when they thought they had crossed into Mexico.

The Mexican officials reportedly confiscated a weapon from one of the Americans during the confrontation though officials claim the Americans followed protocol appropriately.

The president of the National Border Patrol Council weighed in on the standoff suggesting there was no way it was accidental.

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