Report: WH Immigration Plan Could Allow More Visas For Highly Skilled Workers

A Trump administration immigration plan currently in the works may allot for additional visas designated for highly skilled workers.

According to a Reuters report, White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner is working on the proposal which could allow more highly skilled immigrants entry to the United States.

The number of visas for highly skilled workers will reportedly either stay the same or potentially increase molding the system to be more merit-based moving forward.

The report went on to suggest the immigration plan does not address protections for DACA recipients, which Democrats have repeatedly called for in order to support the measure.

The proposal also allegedly aims to decrease illegal activity at ports of entry while also making international trade safer.

It also reportedly intends to decrease the number of immigrants granted entry to the United States based on the status of family members already in the country.

Kushner is expected to present the proposal to President Trump sometime in the next week and will either accept it or suggest changes.

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