SCOTUS Hears Arguments Regarding Citizenship Question On Census

The Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the Trump administration’s push to inquire about citizenship status on the 2020 census.

Supreme Court Justices listened to the oral arguments Tuesday for over an hour after three federal courts blocked the move.

If the justices vote along party lines, the liberal judges would still fall one vote short of blocking the push.

The decision could affect the number of seats each state has in the lower chamber, the Electoral College, and the amount of federal funding allocated for public services in the next decade.

The Trump administration has emphasized the move is constitutional, has been done in the past, and is important to garner more specific citizenship data to enforce the Voting Rights Act.

Critics claim the move could deter 6.5 million people from taking part in the census if they have undocumented immigrants within the household, having a drastic impact on its legitimacy.  

A decision from the nation’s highest court is expected by June.

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