Sri Lanka Bans Face Coverings Following Easter Explosions

Sri Lanka issues a ban on all face coverings which pose challenges to identification following the Easter Sunday massacre which took the lives over 250 people.

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena made a statement Monday saying any covering hindering identification is no longer allowed, though he did not specifically name the niqab and burka.

According to reports, Sri Lanka’s president issued the ban in an effort to heighten security just over a week after the rampant bloodshed struck the capital.

Sri Lanka is not the first nation to issue the ban; France, Denmark, and Belgium have also done the same.  

President Sirisena went on to say the decision will help law enforcement identify perpetrators as the ongoing investigation continues.

The president’s announcement comes as the nation remains on high alert following the Easter explosions.

The population in Sri Lanka is 21 million people, 10% of which represent the Muslim population.

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