Sri Lankan Pres. Calls For Top Security Officials To Step Down Following Easter Explosions

The President of Sri Lanka calls for the defense secretary and the national police chief to step down just days after hundreds were killed amid a string of explosions on Easter Sunday.

The office of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena issued the call for the resignations on Wednesday after reports surfaced suggesting officials disregarded intelligence warning of the attack before it took place.

Sri Lankan officials have since acknowledged a “major lapse” in communication channels leading up to the devastating attacks.

Reports have since surfaced suggesting the nine suicide bombers were “well-educated” and even studied abroad before carrying out the attacks.

This comes one day after the president said he would replace the head of defense within one day.

ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack which took the lives of over 250 people and wounded hundreds more.

There are 60 people who have been arrested so far in connection with the Easter explosions.

The American ambassador to Sri Lanka has confirmed U.S. officials are aiding in the ongoing investigation.

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