Trump Admin Expected To Fight Subpoena Targeting Former WH Counsel

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to fight a subpoena calling on former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before lawmakers regarding the Mueller report.

Reports surfaced Tuesday suggesting the White House will also oppose other subpoenas issued for current and former administration officials potentially using executive privilege to halt the request.

In an interview released on Tuesday, President Trump weighed in on the possibility saying no final decision has been made yet.

The president went on to call the subpoenas “partisan” suggesting White House officials have already cooperated at length with the Mueller probe.

President Trump also mentioned he was “so transparent” during the investigation, and Justice Department officials have “all of that information that’s been given.”

The subpoena was initiated by the House Judiciary Committee on Monday in an effort to have McGahn testify in May as a witness in connection with the Russia investigation.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler weighed in on the request saying the subpoenas are “valid” and if the president uses executive privilege he would be obstructing justice.

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