U.K. Announces Internet Safety Regulation

The U.K. announces the implementation of a regulator to enhance internet safety across the web.

The move was announced Monday by Home Office and Department of Culture, Media and Sport with the goal of making the internet safer for everyone.

There are various issues the regulation will target including terrorism, self-harm or suicide, cyberbullying, child exploitation, and fake news.

The new regulations will be applied file-hosting sites, online forums, messaging services, search engines, and all major social networking sites.

The U.K. has made it clear social media companies not in compliance with the new regulation could face fines and/or will be unable to access their site.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has weighed in on internet safety in the past suggesting more needs to be done to enhance the safety of its users.

It is unclear if there will be a separate individual in charge of internet regulation in particular, or if it will be incorporated into the job description of an existing regulator.

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