U.S. Cuts Aid To Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador

The United States will cease funding previously sent to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala as the humanitarian crisis at the southern border continues.

The State Department issued a statement Saturday saying the United States will not continue to send funding to the three countries, and Congress will be involved in the process.

President Trump mentioned cutting aid to the Northern Triangle on Friday saying the United States pays the nations “tremendous amounts of money” and in return they “set up these caravans.”

This comes just days after President Trump said he would close the southern border sometime this week if Mexico does not take adequate action to stop the migrant caravans traveling to the American border.

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney also weighed in on the decision, saying aid is being slashed because the Central American countries should be doing more to stop the migrant caravans.

It is unclear how much funding will be affected and/or redirected by the decision.

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