Venezuela’s Interim Pres. Juan Guaido Leads Military Uprising Attempt

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has led a military uprising attempt in an effort to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power.

Guaido led the opposition Tuesday in Caracas and posted a video to twitter saying he was leading the armed soldiers to preserve the Venezuelan constitution.

He continued by saying, “The moment is now,” and encouraged the people of Venezuela to peacefully join him in the streets to oust Maduro.

Pro-Maduro officials reacted to the uprising almost immediately calling the military personnel “traitors” and suggested it would be nonexistent shortly.

Some reports claim shots were fired between the opposition and pro-Maduro forces as the dictator reportedly remains in hiding, though no injuries were immediately reported.

Maduro’s troops reportedly fired tear gas at Guaido’s revolt which allegedly expanded to include thousands very quickly.

The United States and several other countries have vocalized support for Guaido recognizing him as the interim president amid the political instability.

Guaido has said he will release the names of top officials in support of Maduro’s ousting in the coming hours.

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